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Dice is typically used for the generation of random numbers in gambling games, including craps or sic bo, as well as board games like Backgammon or Yahtzee.

The traditional die is a cube and typically generates a random integer with the range of one to six. There is also the non-cubical dice designed with a different number of faces including tetrahedrons (four faces), dodecahedrons (twelve faces) and octahedrons (eight faces). The non-cubical dices are often used during the role-playing games.

Dice tray is a tray designed for the purpose of containing a thrown dice. It is occasionally used for board games or gambling to ensure that dice throws don’t interfere with other gaming pieces. Here we will focus on the online dice roller. Dice rolling guide designed to help you understand the term and other perquisites about dice rolling in the gaming industry.

History Of Dice Roller

Even though we are discussing virtual dice, it is wise to go into details about the origin of dices. The exact date when the dice came into existence is not known precisely. Neither is there much information regarding who created the first dice. Some historians believe that the oldest dice came into existence in Iran. Claiming that the dice was first used in Iran for a board game called backgammon.

Backgammon was loved and played by only very important people in ancient times. According to the second school of thought, the oldest dice could easily be about 5000 years. While others believe that dices have been discovered in excavation sites around the world in recent years. The most recently discovered dice dug up from historical sites might be 8,000 years old. Dice have even been found in Egyptian Tombs that date from as far back as 2000BC. These stories from past times tell us that dices have been used for gaming purposes for thousands of years. They show that casting dice has been an important part of gaming since ancient times around the world.

Dice Games

Dice are typically thrown onto any kind of surface either with the hand or via a dice cup designed for such purposes. The face of the dice that is uppermost regarding the position it rests on provides the value of that particular throw. A typical dice game in this era is craps. Craps is a game where two dice are thrown simultaneously as wagers are made relating to the total value of both dice. Dices are frequently used to carry out randomized moves in traditional board games. Usually by determining the actual distance between a piece moving through the board. Examples of such dice games include Backgammon and Monopoly.

What Factors Determine the Result of A Dice Roll?

Generally, the result of a dice roll is typically determined by the way the die is thrown. The principle is based on the laws of classical mechanics. Note that the die roll is turned random by uncertainty in small factors like tiny movements in a thrower’s hand. Hence they are a crude form of random hardware number generator.

Facts About Dice

Did you know that?

  • The chance that your die throw will produce a six is approximately 16.67 percent with one dice.
  • The best chance after you throw two dices is a seven.
  • A Chinese emperor once ordered that all the dices that included the number four be made in red.
  • The oldest dice is 5000 years old at least.

Where Does the Word Die Originate From?

The word die is derived from dice. Die is derived from the dice rolling game dice, where multiple dices are rolled. In this game, you can never in advance know who will win or loss. Note that the word dice is derived from ”doble” a French word, which means double.

What is a Virtual Dice Roller

A virtual dice roller can be described as a random dice roller designed to generate a set of dices randomly. We can also say that the virtual dice roller performs random dice roll that incorporates the use of one or more dices as their central component during game play. Dice roller gives you an option to choose the amount of dice you would like to roll. You don’t need a physical dice when you have Roll-Dice.com 

Online Dice Roller

Online dice roller is a gaming tool that allows you to roll as many dices as possible, quickly. In the end, the total of the number of rolled dices will be displayed. Although this is isolated to only dices of specific colors.

Virtual dice roller will allow you to roll dice instantly. Dice roller will allow you to generate a random number starting from one to six.

What is Virtual dice used for?

From historical times, the most popular use for dices is in casinos or gambling halls. Dices are also an integral part of the only gaming world. Craps is a casino game used with dice. Two dices are used to throw at a time on a wall while the player’s place their bets on the numbers the dices produce. Second very popular usage of dices from the past is for regular household board games like Yahtzee or Monopoly. Dices have been around for ages. In fact, very old civilizations like the Chinese, Egyptians and Vikings all used dices in various ways.

We can indicate that when dices first became known, it was used for other different reason other than playing games. It is believed that they were even used during pagan rituals or other religious activities. Some ancient known games that involved the use of dice include “ten”. Ten was a Roman game. Another game involving dices is Hazard, a game that is similar to craps in Arabia and the old English world.

How Were The Earliest Dice Made?

Earliest dice was made from the knucklebones of sheep. Each side of dice represented an action sometimes as straightforward as win or lose. As time passed, dice were to be made from and this continued for centuries. Bone materials, wood and stone, were also used as well. Today dice are seen in different games and are designed in different shapes and sizes.

Note that the standard size of dice are four sided. Although we also have, six, eight, ten, twelve and twenty sided dice. Other very uncommon type of dices include the one sided dice (a sphere), two sided dice (a coin shape), three sided dice (a triangular), five sided dice (Triangular prism), seven sided dice (Pentagonal), twelve sided (rhombic dodecahedron), fourteen sided dice (heptagonal trapezohedron), sixteen sided dice (octagonal dipyramid), twenty four sided dice (tetrakis hexahedron), thirthy sided dice (rhombic triacontahedron), thirty four sided dice (heptadecagonal trapezohedron), fifty sided dice (icosakaipentagonal trapezohedron), sixty sided dice (pentakis dodecahedron) and hundred sided dice (Zocchihedron)

What Type of Dice Rolls are Used in Virtual Dice Simulator?

Most common types of dice roller used for RPG and board games. Buttons simulate dice rolls that include four, six, eight, ten, twelve and twenty sided dices. Additionally the hundred sided dice which is usually affected by two ten sided dice. Just hit the button in the dice generator and it will generate one, or multiple random numbers count the sum of the rolls. The dice generator lets you repeat dice rolls again by pressing the same button again.

Online Registration Before Playing in The Dice Room?

Gamers may not necessarily need to register an account to be able to use dice rooms. In fact, most dice rooms don’t have any basic registration requirement. However, if you are a gamer who desires to play the game with advanced features, you may be required to create an account to be a participant in the dice room.

Do Dices Really Produce Random Numbers after a Roll?

Yahtzee, Dungeons and Dragons, as well as a huge number of online games work based on throwing a dice. The dice can range from the four sided pyramid shaped dice to six sided cube shaped dice and the monster twenty sided dice variety. The dices thrown during the game are meant to bring an element of chance into the game. Hence, we expect that the actual outcome of the rolls will be random right?

However, it has been discovered that thrown dices don’t really produce random numbers. Looking at high speed movies with dice rolls of countless shapes and new theoretical models confirm that this is not necessarily the case. They show that the dice that is thrown with a one on the top is slightly more likely to produce a one as it lands. Although at the same time, it is usually very difficult for someone to determine the actual outcome of throwing a single dice. You would have to tell the starting condition of the throw as well as the environment precisely so that for all intent and purposes, the outcome the dice throw could be considered random.

Science of Rolling Dice

While exploring a question being debated by Mathematicians and scientists. Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat, back in the 17th century designed a sophisticated theoretical model representing the dice throw in three different dimensions. The researchers considered how air resistance, the effects of gravity and friction of the table, along with other factors impact the outcome of a dice roll. In addition, the scientists observed the fall of the dice under a high-speed camera with the capability to capture the die’s trajectory at 1500 frames per second.

The scientists discovered that with the aid of a high-friction table, where the dice can’t slide very easily across, it tends to bounce around a few more times, tumbling and twirling. Ultimately making the results more difficult to predict. Hence, with a smooth, low friction and soft table, the dice tends to bounce few times.

What is a Dice Room?

A dice room is a special chat room built to support pen and paper roleplaying online. That is playing games online in groups. A dice room will allow you to have a joint gaming session with other players which makes it more interesting. Found behind doors that require two virtual keys to open. Dice rooms are built to randomize many aspects of playing the game depending on the sum or number imprinted on the large die embedded in the floor of the room.

Stepping to the center of the dice face activates this effect in the dice room. Note that the impact of a dice room can only be used just once. However, multiple dice rooms can also be used to complete a single run.

What Virtual Effects Are Contained in Dice Rooms?

Dice rooms commonly contain a number of items including chests and other consumables with multiple interesting virtual effects.

How Do I Make Use of An Online Dice Room?

Making use of a dice room is typically an easy task. Simply choose a nickname and type in the name of the dice room you decide to play the game in. Note that if there isn’t any room with the name you chose a new one with it will be created. You will have to give out your room name to the other players to allow them to join you. Dice rooms are not necessarily password protected, although the names of each room are not listed publicly as well.

Virtual Dice Roller at Roll-Dice.com?

Our online dice generator is designed to simulate the rolling of one or many dice on any number of sides. Our online dice roller can help you reproduce the standard single dice with six teams. You can also customize the roller to suit your needs or roll multiple dice in any number of sides (even up to 100,000 dice that have a 100,000 parties). Let’s take an example; you can roll seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen sided dice or even more. The results will ultimately display the total of the rolls all sumed together, to make it much easier to see the actual outcome of the roll. Our online dice generator or dice simulator uses a pseudo random figure generation library to produce quality random numbers from each roll.

Dice Simulator

Dice simulator uses a custom algorithm as well as a big number library to let you roll huge volumes of dice. You can just roll a standard one or two as required for your purposes. You can also use our online dice roller app to play board games including Risk, Monopoly, Life, Clue and WarHammer and more. If you are playing any other fun chance or card games and you need to roll dice to progress, this online dice roller can help you simulate what you need. You can get the outcome you are anticipating in the end.You may have lost a dice and need a replacement or need a quieter option to carry out dice rolling. You can use our dice roller to roll dice online. Finally, if you are using the dice roller for research and mathematics, our dice simulator will complete the task. Our online dice roller or virtual dice roller is easy to use. All you need to do is just choose the amount of dice you would love to roll and hit the “Roll Dice” button.

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